High-Quality Portable Stage For Schools

High-Quality Portable Stage For Schools

Senses stimulation is the most important element in engaging audiences and customers. This is why theater, stimulating both vision and hearing, is one of the most powerful tools in modern communications. Due to the accessibility of portable stage platforms, the live shows are now an even more powerful and important communication tool for businesses and institutions. Portable stage platforms are acting as a window to your business that is why live shows should be very well presented and planned. They should be relevant, to-the-point and crystal clear in order for them to be interesting and gain relevant audience exposure and ultimately business.

Roll of the good audio system in a live show

Audio is one of the most frequently used media in any interaction between computer and user. Music elements, background sounds, and sound effects are among some examples of audio usage that may be used in a multimedia application. As well as other multimedia elements, audio can convey the notes with more impressive, giving rise to a more engaging atmosphere and drawing a pedestal on what to say.

Audio functions Help convey the notes with more impressive (eg, the use of background sound or special audio). It can increase the motivation among users to be more interested in following a delivery process of information. Also, generate more interesting atmosphere and support to the contents of the presenter. The perfect selection of high-quality audio components for your portable stage helps in keep generating messages, relevant to your live show. This is very important when aiming for creating clarity and gaining recognition, no matter you are making a commercial, vlog, educational clip or tutorial, with the help of portable stage equipment for audio.

Best Portable Stage For Schools

The rental of affordable stage solutions, platforms, and other equipment for events, or for the assembly of the whole structure of an event, you will do the best to be a success in structure and capacity. Firstly, you need to know is, if the event is going to be performed on a stage or is going to perform by renting of platforms. Thus, depending on the capacity, the venue and the event, one structure or another will be used.

The portable stage is a much higher structure than a fixed stage. Therefore, the rental of pallets for events is used in school performances, choirs, dance groups, or neighborhood. For any rental of the stage stands for events, stage platforms, steps, risers stages … you can count on the experience and quality of stage structures.

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Polyvalent stage platforms ideal for the events of the municipalities and collectivities: simple and manageable, robust and easy to transport. Assembly is done without tools and does not require qualified personnel.

The measures of the platforms can be modified and expanded by equipping with elements that are supplied unitarily. The safety of the users is guaranteed: it supports 500 kg/m2, and it has lateral rails with safety bars that comply with the NFP 01.012.

There are several models of stage platform of fast assembly and disassembly:

  • Telescopic demountable stages: it allows the assembly of the same podium at different levels, from 0.70 cm to 1.10 meters.
  • Stage Platforms of height 0,50 cm.
  • Stage Platforms of 1.10 meters.
  • Stage Platforms of 1,50 meters.

Elements that make up the demountable and modular stages:

* Thread posts (adjustable 25 cm) suitable for uneven terrain

* Frames: main element of podium construction.

* Detachable and modular stages.

* Safety and protection rails

* 25 mm plywood floor resistant to weathering (wood treated against moisture). Anti-fire classification M3. High load capacity 500 kg / m2

* Crossbar: secures the square of the podium.

* Podium ladder

All steel structures on the podiums are hot-dip galvanized after manufacture, thus ensuring unlimited durability even in the event of inclement weather or intensive use. Portable stage designed for easy adaptation of decks. The podium cover can be either demountable or elevated by lathes.

Where To Buy Portable Stage For Schools

Portable Stage is a top-rated manufacturer and supplier in the UK dedicated to making high quality lock free NexGen portable stage for the different event structures. Our national clients rely on our experience and quality years after years. Therefore, do not hesitate and request a quote without commitment.

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